Resources-for-teachers is a collection of resources that teachers can dip into any time the need arises.  All the resources are designed for classroom use.  You can find the links to the resources on the left, listed alphabetically by subject. 

Why did I make this website?

Hi, my name is Sherry and was born out of my own need for a variety of resources that I could use in the changing environment of my classroom.

The demands on teachers and the resulting limits on our time make it difficult to consistently provide a wide range of experiences, especially if we want to respond to our students evolving needs and interests.

To solve this problem I decided to create a collection of multi-purpose resources for teachers. 

Terms of use 
All the resources belong to and are not intended for use on other websites or publications. You are of course welcome to use them in your classroom! 

Why are some subjects not covered? 
Resources for teachers is a work in progress and I am adding new resources all the time.  

Below are examples of some of the resources on resources-for