Friendly Witch Coloring Page

Here is a friendly witch coloring page. Click on the image below to download a PDF version. 

Friendly Witch Coloring Page Activity Ideas

Here are 7 activity ideas for the friendly witch coloring page.

1. Crayon Resist:

Color the witch in with wax crayons and then use black or blue watercolor paint over the whole page to create a wax relief picture. A wax crayon sun or moon and stars could also be added to the background.

2. Standing Witch:

Color in the witch, cut her out and then glue her onto thin cardboard.  Glue a tab of cardboard (3 inches x 1 inch/7.5cm x 2.5cm approximately) onto the back so that the witch will stand on its own. A collection of standing witches make a great classroom display.

3. Classroom Display:

Let each student color in and cut out their own witch.  Place them on a noticeboard to create a wall of witches.  For a really dramatic display, create larger witches by printing them onto A3 paper.

4. Witch Words:

Color in the witch and write witch related words around her.  The collection of words could be used to support a witch writing activity.  Words written around the image could also be used as a way to explore nouns or adjectives.

5. Witch Patchwork:

After printing out the coloring sheets, cut them into four parts (fold in half top to bottom - twice).  Hand out the pieces and then let your students color them in.  When your students are done, collect the pieces and glue them back together (randomly) to create patchwork witches.

6. Writing Prompt:

Use the image as a prompt for a writing activity. Some ideas that could be explored are - who is this witch, what does she do during the day, who are her friends, what kind of pets does she have, what does she eat and what are her favourite things to do?

7. Add other elements:

Add other elements to the image.  Draw in a spooky stormy background, a house for the witch to live in, a collection of pets or a witch's garden.

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