Alphabet Resources

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Alphabet Activities

1. Explore the Shape of Letters

Let your students take time to explore the shape of letters in the alphabet.  They can color, paint and collage block letters that have been printed on A4 paper. You could explore one letter a day or give each student a different letter to create a classroom display.  If your students are creating collages, print the letters on thin card.  Cut paper, torn paper, mixed medium, leaves, sticks, scrunched crepe paper and seeds all work well in collages.  You can find printable block letters above (Alphabet Large Letters 26 Pages).

2. Go on a Treasure Hunt

Place letters of the alphabet in the playground or in the classroom and invite your students to find them.  The letters can be printed onto paper or thin card and then laminated for repeated use.  Once the letters have been found your students can tell the class what their letter is, stick their letter onto a classroom alphabet (with blue tac) or write the letter in their workbook. Printable alphabet cards can be found above.

3. Giant Letters

Create giant versions of letters of the alphabet.  A wide range of mediums can be used for this.  Students can create giant letters out of sticks, fabric, rope, scrunched paper, building blocks, chairs and books.  If you can, take a photo of the giant letter to display in your room.  A collection of these photos is a great way to create a classroom alphabet. 

4. Mixed Medium Letters

This is similiar to the giant letters but can be done more quickly and with students working individually or in pairs.  Matchsticks, craft sticks, cotton balls, paper shapes, seeds, flower petals, Leggo and small building blocks can all be used.  Again, if you can, take a photo of your students creations or of the whole class working to display in the classroom.

5. Drawing Letters

Drawing letters is an obvious way to explore the alphabet.  Add another dimension to this activity by drawing with sticks in sand, on concrete with ice or in mud with a spoon.  Your students could also draw on concrete with chalk.  This can be a great way to get everyone involved.  Your students can draw a letter that you are focusing on or draw their favourite letter in bright colors.  If you have access to a pathway you can draw the whole alphabet on it and then everyone can step along the letters singing the Alphabet song.

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